Kreyòl Alphabet and Pronunciation


Kreyòl Alphabet and Pronunciation

Haitian Creole Alphabet and Pronunciation
a= [ah] ale———> (ah-lay) =to go
an = [uh] danse———> (duh-say) =to dance
b= [beh] bagay———> (bah-guy) =thing 
ch= [sh] achte———> (ah-sh-tay) =to buy
d= [d] damou———> (dah-moo) =to love 
e= [ay] kache———> (kah-shay) =to hide
è= [eh] wè———> (weh) =to see
en= [en] benyen———> (ben-yen) =to shower
f= [f] fini———> (fee-nee) =to finish
g= [jay] gade———> (gah-day) =to look
i= [e] liv———> (leev) =book 
in= [in] vini———> (vee-nee) =to come
j= [jee] manje———> (muh-jay) =to eat
k= [ka] kouche———> (kou-shay) =to lie down
l= [l] Kreyòl———> (Kra-yol) =Creole
m= [m] mande———> (muhn-day) =to ask
n= [n] tann———> (tuhn) =to wait
ng= [ang] penng———> (pen-eng) =comb (hair)
o= [o] mango———> (muh-go) =mango 
ò= [aw] zòtey———> (zaw-tay) =toe
on= [awn] kontan———> (kawn-tuh) =happy
ou= [oo] tou———> (too) =too
p= [pay] pale———> (pa-lay) =to speak
r= [ehr] rive———> (ree-vay) =to arrive
s= [s] panse———> (puh-say) =to think
t= [tay] travay———> (trav-i) =to work
ui= [ou-e] uit———> (ou-e-t) =eight
v= [vay] vizite———> (ve-ze-tay) =to visit
w= [dooblay vay] bwè———> (bweh) =to drink
y= [ee-grehk] netwaye———> (net-wah-yay) =to clean
z= [zehd] zewo———> (zay-wo) =zero
Haitian Creole Vowels 
It can sometimes be hard to understand the alphabet without really understand how the vowels work. There are 3 types of vowel sounds:
Non-nasal Vowels - a, e, è, i, o, ò, ou, ui 
These you will see are fairly simple with the exception of the è, ò and ui sounds. For example:
“è”- creates the sound eh, very much like the words leg, or beg 
“ò” creates a long sound like the words for, saw or door
“ui” creates the sound ou-e, like Buick
Nasal Vowels - an, en, on
These are not as easy because of the nasal sound it creates. For example:
“an”- Pronounced “uh” like huh
“en”- Pronounced “en” like lend or bend
“on”- Pronounced “aw” like lawn
“oun” – It is pronounced like “une” as in dune or tune.

“àn”- is pronounced like ahn. The accent above the à is there to maintain the “ah” and it appears only before the letter "n" àn= [ahn] bekàn———>(bay-kahn) =bicycle.

P.S In Haitian Creole we refer to the vowels as: 
1) Vwayèl bouch (Vwayèl=vowel, bouch=mouth)———>Non-nasal vowel(s)
2) Vwayèl nen (nen=nose)———>Nasal vowel(s)
3) Vwayèl bouch-nen ———>½ Non-Nasal and ½ Nasal

There is no question that these will be some of your most challenging lessons, but once you start to get them under your belt, the rest of the language or at least the pronunciation will be a piece of cake. Now let’s proceed on to the alphabet.

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